Video and animation are the best ways to explain your ideas, your products and your company. Each video is a story that has to captivate the audience from start to finish.

Whether you want an animation for a specific product or a live action company video for promotional use, ProXplain (pronounce: Pro Explain) can make a video exceeding your expectations.

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Trust us, we're engineers

Angelo Di Totto - ProXplain

Angelo Di Totto
is one of the co-founders. His international experience and nuance in digital media is invaluable to the pace and overall look of the projects. He is always creative and full of ideas.

Marlon van der Weide - ProXplain

Marlon van der Weide
is one of the co-founders. With his international skills and expertises in the new media marketing and overall project management he is an important member of the team. He won't say it's done untill it's 100% perfect