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Explaining animations and company videos!

ProXplain will help you! Video is the most powerful form of advertising. It’s not strange that the use of explaining animations and short company videos are very popular. Simple quick explaining animations are hot!

Well.. what a coincidence! We are specialised in explaining animation video! That’s why we call ourselves Pro Explain. Contact us or come visit us in Limburg, the Netherlands.

With an animation you can get*

More traffic


More Shares


More Sales



An explaining animation is quick. You can explain even the most complex ideas or products in a matter of seconds. This saves time and money.


Keep it simple! Because the explaining animation needs to educate people about your product or idea, it needs to be as simple as possible. Educate your audience.


Explaining animations are hot! Everybody is using them. Your video is a reflection of your brand, so video allows you to stand out and reach a bigger audience.


Video sells everything! It increases sales and can help train employees. People are twice as likely to buy a product when it comes with a video.

Let’s see what our clients say about our video portfolio

"This commercial is amazing! You guys did a fantastic job. We will be sure to send it to the Dutch IKEA head office."

− Patrice Dreano, Store manager IKEA Heerlen

"This is by far the best promotional video for Maastricht that I have seen in years. It not only shows the common events and buildings, but it also shows some of the more important details that make Maastricht an international city. Thank you very much!"

− Onno Hoes, Mayor of Maastricht